Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Weekend Recap

 We experienced our first sports tournament this weekend.  Some of you parents have been doing baseball and hockey tournaments for years, but the closest we have come was a ski race weekend.  Q is on the Rep 7s t-ball team at High Park and their first tournament was this weekend in Dundas (near Hamilton, about 50 minutes away).  

Q was so excited you'd think we were pulling up to Disney World.  Ready to play! 

Look at these cuties!  Spot Coach Dave on the left. 

It was the most perfect weather all weekend.  

In between games 1 and 2 we hit up a local brewery, Shawn and Ed's for lunch with a couple of other teammates.  It was so perfect we went back the next day.

Back for Game 2, I was doing the scoring and we had some nice seats in the shade.

E was photobombing!

Q playing catcher. 

We had a fun team dinner at East Side Mario's between games 2 and 3 and then we went back for the evening game.

 My dad and his wife were in town for the weekend.  They enjoyed watching the games. 

Post game meeting. 

After three ball games, no surprise this is what happened on the way home. 

Because we won two of the three games, we were playing in the semi-finals on Sunday.  Everyone headed out for the game that started at 11:00.  

Dave was making the boys laugh about something.

I actually stayed back so I could go to church.  We were saying farewell to three of our choir soloists so I wanted to make sure I was there. 

Our choir.

But since the team won the semi-finals then I was able to join them for the finals!  It was a very close and exciting game.

And then won!!

First tournament, gold medal, can't beat that!

It was the best way to spend Father's Day.

Another car nap on the way home.

The 7s team has four tournaments and we are only able to attend two of them, which is too bad, but we are happy the team was flexible enough with a big enough roster to have a bit of rotation so we all don' need to be there for the four games.  It was such a great experience and Q can't wait for the next one.

When we got home we ordered some noodles and opened a couple of Father's Day gifts. 


  1. Ah...I love all the baseball pics. I miss the baseball days.

  2. Yay! Hooray for the win! Well done and what a fun weekend.