Monday, June 10, 2024

Sharing Our Lives - Food to Make for Someone Else

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Today we are talking about what foods we like to make for someone else.  Bringing food to someone when they have had a baby, when someone has died, or when they are sick or recovering from surgery is one of the best things, in my opinion.  Everyone needs to eat, even when they don't feel like it, and having some pre-made options is helpful when no one wants to cook, or doesn't have time.  

Quiche, Scones, Baguette - I will pick up these things from our local bakery to drop off to someone. A friend brought this to me when I had surgery once, and it was perfect, so I have copied her. 

Lasagna - I make this in a disposable aluminum pan so they don't need to worry about giving my dish back.  It can feed a crowd, can be frozen, or easily warmed up.

Cookies or Muffins - I can easily whip up something like this to take over to someone.  When other people are around, like for a funeral, this can easily become part of the spread.

Sending something via UberEats - Don't underestimate the power of the internet to help you out.  When I wasn't able to travel for a funeral, I ordered nachos and chicken wings to be delivered to my friend's house after they came home from the wake. I have also used Uber Eats to send coffee and doughnuts to my colleagues in Timmins. 

Food is my love language so having someone bring me a coffee or treat is so appreciated, and I like to do that for someone else when I know they need a pick me up.

Thanks for joining up with us today! And make sure to mark your calendar so you can post on a "Day in the Life, Summer Edition" for next month!


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  1. A quiche and baguette is a great idea. How thoughtful to have someone's favorite thing delivered too.

  2. I have never done uber eats or any of those delivery besides ordering pizza.

  3. What great ideas! Lasagne seems like a big hit, perfect to give to people when they need food but don't want to cook.

  4. These are great ideas! During the pandemic my cousin sent me a whole box of Messina ice cream with a couple of jars of toppings via Uber Eats for my birthday. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and I was so touched.

  5. When someone brings me a coffee, I feel so loved! It's the little things. Quiche- such a great idea.