Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Weekend Recap

On Friday night, E and Dave got out for a round of golf.  Q and I took our supper to the park and ate before his soccer practice.  It was a nice evening. 

Then we got some french fries and watched the t-ball game.

On Saturday morning, Q and Dave went to a tryout for the t-ball rep team, and E and I went to baseball.  The other team didn't have enough players so we just played a fun scrimmage, with parents in the outfield. 

When we got home we had lunch and then went out in search of a new bike for E.  We started at Sweet Pete's in the Dovercourt area

But eventually ended up back at our own neighbourhood at Newson's.  We should have just started there since it where Dave and I got our bikes and we knew we liked them.  Pretty snazzy!

I picked up some groceries and then we worked on making some improvements to our bikes - I got new handlebar grips, Q got a kickstand, and Dave got a rack. 

And I also enjoyed my Aperol Spritz.

Q putting the kickstand on his bike.

That evening we made burgers and watched Back to the Future.  

It rained on Sunday so that meant ball hockey and t-ball were cancelled.  That meant we got to go to church instead.  Afterwards we celebrated Pride month with some rainbow treats. 

Plus we always have delicious shortbreads made by a dear 90+ year old man in the congregation. 

Because of the rain, we had the afternoon open.  We cleaned the house and I did a 60 minute bike bootcamp.  Dave and E got out golfing with one of E's friends for 9 holes and then Q and I met them for dinner on the patio.  It was a lovely night to be out and with the new addition of the TVs on the patio, we got to see the first period of the Oilers game. 

A fun weekend even with the rain cancellations. 

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  1. Yay for a new bike and bike improvements! Hmmm yum, the Aperol spritz looks so good. I used to think they were bitter but now I know that if you get the right balance of Prosecco and soda water, it's perfect!