Wednesday, June 19, 2024

School Days - Grade 2

I can't believe I am already writing these posts for the end of the school year.  The last day of school is next week. Q was in Grade 2 this year and had a great year.  He was in a split class with Grade 3, and he had a teacher who has been with the school for years.  Academically he started out a bit slowly. His reading was behind for his grade level.  He could understand the concepts being taught to him, even in French but had a hard time understanding what was being asked of him on tests and then could hardly write his answers.  We started him off in some tutoring at the beginning of the year but we cancelled after a couple of months.  The tutors didn't seem to be working on the right things with him.  We did increase our efforts to help him at home, although it was never enough, and he got extra reading help at school.  As the year went on he got stronger with his reading and employed the methods for sounding out words.  We are very proud of the progress he made and although he's still a bit behind, I have a feeling he will catch up in no time.  Remember he is learning French as well as English so it takes a bit for it to level out.
We got to see a bit of his work, but my consistent complaint is that I think we need to see more homework and give us more options to help at home.  We have the Raz Kids app for reading, but I like some of the other things we had in years past, like Boom Cards.  I tried finding some free resources online but they weren't always helpful.  
Q walked to school everyday with E and continued to attend the YMCA for after school care.  This spring they have started biking to school together.  It is so great they can have this freedom and I'm sure Q loves feeling like a big kid heading out with his big brother.  Next year is their last year at the public school together before E goes to high school.  Maybe next year they can come home together after school too.  
Q ran cross country and joined the Rubik's cube club, and learned to solve it.  He has a great group of friends, and because of the Grade 2/3 split, one of his good friends in Grade 3 is the younger brother of E's good friend so that works out well for our families!

Labelling the continents.

He read all of the books he needed to read for April. 

Field trip

Christmas concert


  1. Looks like a great year! So cool that they have that freedom to bike/walk. My kids liked doing that as they got older...and now they have the middle school version of that freedom which I think they appreciate...they can bike to and from the pool, have money on a debit card to go get ice cream ,etc.

  2. Sounds like Q had a good school year. It's great to hear that he is making progress in his school work and I'm sure everything will level out for him as he gets older. Learning French AND English is impressive and so is mastering that Rubik's cube. Well done Q!