Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favourites

Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favourites.

This week I am sharing my favourite books for preschool kids.  We have a lot of books but there are some we like more than others.  I like books that have some sort of learning element to them, and E seems to like them too, and that have great pictures and stories.

I found this book at our local book store and gave it to E for Christmas.  It has quickly become one of his favourite books and he even took it for show and tell this week.  There are multiple layers of flaps and provides some good information without being overly detailed so it is good for kids.

This is E's favourite page.  Under the flaps, there is poo in the large intestine. Very exciting stuff!

We love Oliver Jeffers, and these are only a few of his books.  We started with Lost and Found and have built our collection with a few more.  The drawings are adorable and the stories are very good.  There are a lot of strange kids' books out there, but these are carefully thought out books. 

I got this book last year in Lake Placid.  It has some good drawings too and explores animals in winter, over and under the snow.

These are really cute books too, they have bit of rhyme and animals dressed as humans (my favourite). The last page has some more information about the topic of the book. 

I love National Geographic for Kids.  Like the body book above, it is the right balance between teaching and not overwhelming a kid with too much information.  We usually don't read the whole book at once, but pick a few planets or continents to explore at a time. 

What are your favourite kids' books?

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