Thursday, February 25, 2016

March Goals

Here were my goals for February, and this is how I did (Spoiler alert, not well):

1. Learn how to poach an egg.
I did not do this.  I had wanted to buy some smoked salmon and make a poached egg to go with it, but it just didn't happen.  I was recovering from surgery one week, then it was too cold to leave the house another week, and I seemed to run out of time.

2. Get some Valentine's Day cards for E's classmates and some to mail out.
We got some cards and E wrote his name on all of them for his classmates.  I didn't get any mailed out to friends and family that live away, but we did make some cookies and took them to some local friends as a treat and for a wee visit.

3. Decorate for Valentine's Day and maybe even attempt a craft with E.
We did this.  E wasn't too interested in the actual crafts I did (heart banner and heart bouquet), but we did work on this drawing of our house and E decorated it with hearts.

4. Pick up a rug for our living room.
I did not do this.  Again, it felt like we ran out of time this month and our focus (and budget) has been on the basement.

5. Frame the paintings we got in Barcelona.
Didn't do this either, see reason from above.

6. Plan some summer camps for E and our vacation time.
Done. Registration is next Saturday morning, wish me luck that we get our first choices.

March looks like it will be a busy month too, but here is what I want to get done:

1. Read two books this month.  Our book club selection and the book I got for Christmas.

2. Organize my clothes.  My drawers are jammed with shirts and sweaters and I don't think I wear half of them.  I need to go through them all and throw out old things.
3. Decorate for Easter and try an Easter craft with E.
4. Ski at least two more times before the season is over.

5. Find a children's bible to give E for Easter.

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