Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Recap

On Friday E and I headed to school together to go on his class trip to the Royal Ontario Museum.  We had never gone so I was happy I could take the day off work and go with him.  After the bus trip downtown we picked another buddy to hang out with us.  

Ready to go!

Listening to the teacher (who happened to be named Sarah).  I always like to sit/stand near the front of a guided tour, I don't want to miss anything either!

The whole class lined up.

Everyone's favourite, the T-Rex!

Then time for the most important part of the day, lunch. 

After lunch we had free time so we explored the Bio-Diversity section and then the Discovery Gallery.

E had a tea part with one of the private school girls also on a field trip.

And then dressed up like a dragon.

The kids were tired on the bus ride home but it was a successful trip. We rested on the couch when we got home.

I had to take a picture of this balloon.  I don't know what sort of helium is in it, but it has been up there for 3 weeks!  That has to be some sort of record.

 On Saturday we went skiing again.  And true to form, we forgot something.  This time it was our lunch (peanut butter and jam sandwiches) so we had to buy chicken fingers and fries, and mac and cheese for E (poor us!).  The temperature was warmer this week and the slopes were in great condition.  It is amazing that we have no snow in Toronto and then drive an hour north and get to ski with no problems.

When we got back we went out to look for bathroom faucets for the basement.  E brought along Spiderman to keep him company.

Matching taps

 When we got back there were some fire trucks at the end of our street so we walked up to take a look.
Highlight of the weekend. 

Dave opening up the new faucets, just like Christmas. 

Dave went down to work in the basement after E went to bed so I read on the couch in my new OVO shirt.

On Sunday, we decided not to go to church and went grocery shopping early instead.  After lunch we went to buy a new tub.  Then we realized it didn't fit in the back unless both of the backseats were down, leaving no room for the carseat.  So Dave took the tub home and E and I kept ourselves entertained at Old Navy until he came back to get us.

Bargain Bin E.

Later on I cleaned up the house a bit and did my laundry.  Then Dave's parents came by to spend the night before heading to Thailand on Tuesday morning.  We had a nice meal of sausage and roasted red pepper pasta, caesar salad and garlic bread (probably food they won't see too often in Thailand!). 

Right as I was getting ready to dish out supper E got his hand caught in the bike (Dave's bike that is set up on the trainer in our living room) and cut this finger (after we had told him multiple times to stop playing with it, of course).  He was quite upset and it looked bad at first, but he didn't need stitches and I patched it up and we still sat down to a hot supper.  If you have an accident prone child, I cannot recommend steri-strips enough.  We have used these so many times when E has cut himself (near his eye, back of his head, etc.) and it keeps the cut closed so it can heal without having to go to the hospital.  I got them from my doctor after I've had surgery so I'm not sure if you can get them at the drug store, but definitely check and see if you can find them.  They are so worth it! Also helpful is a parent who can keep their cool and apply them (ahem, me). 

Have a good week everyone!


  1. I think he is just he is always up to trying new things and "doing it himself" .....which I guess can lead to injuries! But not accident prone...not that label. Good job on attending to his first aid needs and not having to go to the ER.

    1. I wasn't necessarily describing him as accident prone, only that if you had an accident prone kid, then these would be good to have. But this is the 3rd or 4th time we have had to decide if a trip to the ER was necessary, so maybe the description does fit.

  2. Ok, I get it now! 👍. Sure looked like a fun-filled day at the ROM on Friday. Nice you could be there with E.

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