Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Decorations

We did a little decorating for Valentine's Day this weekend.  Nothing much but after the onslaught of Christmas decorations, it is nice to keep things simple, yet festive.

The kitchen window with a simple heart banner, some pink tulips from a friend and cinnamon hearts. The photo of E just happened to be in a red frame; it is from camping when he was covered in dirt.

 From the good old Dollarama 

Along with some hearts on the mirror

Silver wreath and lanterns left over from Christmas, but still appropriate for winter

 My big project for the weekend, collecting sticks from the backyard and putting heart stickers on them.

I got this frame from Zara Home at Christmastime but didn't have anything to put in it.  I found this Valentine's appropriate photo to stick in it for now.

 Dinosaur stickers on the window. The same ones that E has in his classroom as a matter of fact.

 Mom made us this pillow for Christmas from Shutterfly.  Along with with red blanket, it is a perfect addition to our Valentine's decor.

Nothing new on the top of the piano, but the red bucket looks nice.
 This was actually the hymn that was open on the piano, also appropriate for Valentine's Day.

And one final touch, some red and pink tea towels.

Now to work on getting the Valentine cards ready and some cookies made for E's class party on Thursday.

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  1. Very nice...and sweet! You have inspired me to find my Valentine's hearts and make some cookies! ❤️💗💕