Thursday, April 7, 2016

Healthy Snacks

I have felt pretty good during the first three months of pregnancy, but I do tend to feel a little ill if I wait too long before meals, so I stocked my desk drawers at work with snacks.  Said snacks were obtained at the drug store, so they didn't have a lot of amazing choices.  I did the best I could - root vegetable chips, Nature Valley oat bars, whole wheat Goldfish, and 100 calorie packs of Oreo crisps (which by the way do not taste like Oreo cookies in the least).  Although they do the job, I want better snacks.  So one of my goals this month is to make a healthy snack to take to work.  Even though these still have sugar and salt, I still feel much better making them from scratch than buying their equivalent at the grocery store.

I found some ideas of Pinterest (of course), so I will try to pick up some of these ingredients this weekend and start snacking!

Any others I should try?

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  1. Good idea to spread your food intake out over the day and eat a snack between meals and before bed. To add to your choices at work: Peanut butter on premium plus crackers (unsalted). Homemade bits and bites with oat squares, corn bran squares, shreddies, Cheerios, pretzels and nuts. You can control the salt and fat you use.