Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today I am showing and telling you about a day in my life.  This is last Friday.  I tried to remember to take pictures every hour on the half hour.  

6:30 - My alarm goes off. Time for my prenatal vitamin.  They make me feel a little queasy because you're supposed to take them on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating.  It's that hour before I eat breakfast where I don't feel great.  But they are good vitamins, so I tough it out.

7:30 - Downstairs and ready for school and work.  Friday was a PD day so E was spending all day with the YMCA people (the ones that run the before and after school program).  They told the kids to wear a costume so we took Flash to school that day.

8:30 - In my sunny office.  I love my view. I can see the City of Toronto and Lake Ontario.  

9:30 - After going through some emails and doing some odds and ends, it's time to get started on my list. 

10:30 and 11:30 - No pictures, but I'm basically just sitting at my desk surrounded by confidential information so I couldn't really take any photos.

12:30 - I had to go to the mall at lunch so I grabbed some lunch at the food court - Basil Box.  So good, and a much shorter line than Chipotle.

1:30 - Heading back to work.  I went into Simons, the new department store at Square One.  I found a  few nice tops for good prices. 

2:30 - Drafting an email that seemed to take forever.  

3:30 - a little snack of root vegetable chips and water

4:30 - Almost done my work for the day!

5:30 - Home from work and laying down for a few minutes, enjoying the sun streaming through the window.

6:30 - Ribs have been slow cooking in the oven and now time to go on the BBQ.  We were celebrating Dave's dad's birthday so we enjoyed one of his favourite meals.  Then we had some yummy cake.  

7:30 - Reading with E in bed.

8:30 - Watching the Blue Jays

That was the last photo of the night.  After the baseball game, we watched Spotlight but I ducked out early.  I could feel a cold coming home so I just wanted to get as much rest as possible. 

Thanks for joining me on just another day in my life. 


  1. How did you like Simons? We shopped there in Quebec City. I like the look of you tops you bought.

    1. I liked it. They have a few neat things and the prices are great. I will be back for sure.