Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Recap

Dave's parents arrived back in Canada this week from their winter in Thailand.  They stayed with us on Thursday and Friday night.  On Friday we enjoyed some pizza, something they didn't see while they were away.  That evening we watched The Revenant again.  

On Saturday morning I walked down the street to get some groceries and Dave and his parents took E to ride his bike.  Dave got some good videos of him riding by himself but I can never seem to post videos on here so I can't share.  Here is a still shot though.

That afternoon E and I went to a birthday party at the Little Gym in Oakville.  He had a great time and we both enjoyed the delicious (homemade) cake.

When we got home E and Dave played cards, they started with Go Fish and then I think moved onto Rummy. 

The next morning, we woke up to a little dusting of snow on the ground.  Dave headed out to compete in the Hamilton 30K Around the Bay Race.  They had a chilly morning but since they had been training all winter, they were ready for the cold. 

He finished with a time of 2:36!! 

After lunch, E and I went back to Oakville so I could attend a bridal shower and E could play at a friends' house.  He had a great time!!

When we got back to Toronto, we went over to a friends' place to catch the Blue Jays' season opener and have some supper.  It kept snowing all evening and we have quite a lot down.  I'm hoping it doesn't stay long, spring is supposed to be here!!  

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