Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

This is sort of a random topic - if you hosted a talk show, what would it look like?  
There are two things that I love - celebrity gossip and sports.  There would be no need for any sort of monologue or discussion at the beginning, so I would just start off with the guest.  I would be so interested in meeting all of the celebrities and see what they are really like, and how tiny they all seem to be.  

Sports people are celebrities too, but what I love hearing about are the behind the scenes type stuff, like their experiences playing in different cities with different people.  Those teams spend so much time together and have a lot of stories.  And it wouldn't just be the players themselves I'd be interested in, but the coaches, announcers and reporters.  (By the way, this is basically the Jay and Dan Podcast and that's why I listen every week.)

Something I dislike about talk shows is that the segments always seem to short and since they are usually there to promote something, most of the discussion is around their current project.  I think the best format would be a podcast rather than a talk show.  The podcast doesn't have any requirements for commercials or time limits so I could have one or two guests per show and just talk to them. 

Some guests that would be great to start with:
Martin Short 

Leonardo Dicaprio 

Tina Fey

Lena Dunham 

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay QB)

Buck Martinez (announcer for the Blue Jays)

Kyle Lowry (Raptors Point Guard)

And I'm sure after they appeared on my talk show we would all be the best of friends, right...?

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