Thursday, April 28, 2016

May Goals

My goals for April were:

1. Organize my clothes.
I organized the clothes in my drawer, but didn't do my closets yet.  I also need to bring up my bin of summer clothes.  A lot of those things will translate to maternity clothes.

2. Put away our winter coats and boots and clean out the front closet.

3. Go through the cupboards and throw out expired and old food.

4. Spend some time helping E to learn how to ride his bike.
I actally didn't do this, but Dave has taken him out a couple of times.  I am told he is doing well, so hopefully I can get out with him soon.

5. Schedule a hair apppointment and mani/pedi. 
I'm getting my hair done next week, and I got a mani/pedi at the first of the month. 

6. Make a healthy snack to take to work.
I bought some almonds at the Bulk Barn and will roast them up this weekend.  I also bought jar of (natural) peanut butter and a loaf of raisin bread and have had that a few times.  Not extrememly healthy but better than most things.

For May, I'd like to accomplish the following:

1. Get both yards cleaned up and some flowers planted.
(This is last year)

2.  Read my book club book and one more book.

3. Reconfigure the guest room (at least on paper) so I know how to change it to the baby's room.  We will find out this month if it is a boy or girl, so I will also know if we can move the blue mat out of there and get a pink one or keep the old one.  (I am totally old school when it comes to boy/girl colours for babies.)

4. Go to yoga twice a week.

5. Start walking in the mornings before work.  I ran every other morning last summer at 6:00 am during the week.  There is no reason why I can't do the same with a walk this summer.  I am hoping the weather warms up soon so it becomes more enticing.

(This is last year)

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