Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday Favourites

Whew, what a week we had!  Busy for me because Dave was away, we had a trip to the hospital (more about that below), and it was cold and rainy most days.  This weekend looks like it will be warmer, and the cherry blossoms are out at High Park - spring is here!

Further to my post on Monday about doing chores, I had E fold his basket of laundry while we were watching a moving on Monday evening.  His t-ball practice had been cancelled because of snow (!) so we decided to turn on a movie, Incredibles 2 it is!  

Isn't Brookfield Place pretty?  The high ceilings and the art installations are so nice to look at.  I walked through there at lunch on Tuesday (and also saw a friend, and bought a new hat from Roots).

The weather may not be super warm but I got one of my favourite summer Starbucks drinks anyway.  The iced passion tea lemonade. 

On Tuesday afternoon E fell off the slide at school and hit his head.  I decided to take him to the hospital to get him checked out. He was doing much better when I snapped this photo and we were almost ready to leave.  We love our local hospital - St. Joseph's - Dave went here when he ruptured his Achilles, and Q was born here.

Why have one type of cereal when you can have two?  Q requested both Mini-Wheats and Cheerios on Wednesday morning for breakfast. 

So with E's concussion, I kept him home from school on Wednesday and tried to keep him entertained without the TV and iPad (while still trying to get work done myself).  We played a game of Clue, he played with the play-doh, did some drawing, and then we both painted a picture.  

His art class the day before did a painting of Casa Loma so he guided me through the same instructions he got from his art teacher and we both did our own versions.  He was so cute the way he explained how to do everything. 

See our finished products. 

We have some good stuff going on this weekend - dinner out tonight with family at our favourite restaurant, a party with the other parents from E's class, t-ball opening weekend, and some sunshine!  Happy Friday!

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