Thursday, May 16, 2019

Healthy Eating...It's hard y'all!

As much as I like eating well and I definitely feel a marked difference in my energy and sleep when I do eat well, it's hard y'all!!  If you're like me, the warming weather screams for grilled meats, ice cream cones, french fries from the park, and beer/wine/cocktails on the patio.  Those things do not fit into my healthy eating habits!!

So basically I'm writing this so you can commiserate with me.

My strategy so far has been, eat well when you can.  Don't give up on a whole day just because you went out for lunch and ordered the fried chicken (and dammit, I enjoyed it!), just try to get the rest of the day under control.  If you have time to eat a good wholesome breakfast, then do it, don't just grab a breakfast sandwich on your way to the office because it's easier. Or if you've got all of the ingredients for a salad for your lunch, make one.  Go out for lunch on those days when you literally have nothing in the house.

Also don't stress too much about it.  We are meant to enjoy our lives and experiences.  If you can't even eat a piece of birthday cake or a beer at the baseball game without cursing yourself or fretting over the calories, then what are we even doing?!

I got a kick out of this meme too - I don't do Whole 30, but the healthy eating plan we do feels that way too.


  1. Healthy eating is definitely harder work! But you’re right, life is too short not to enjoy the treats as well :)

  2. Consider yourself commiserated with.

  3. I think a good balanced approach to healthy eating is necessary. I could swing the balance more towards healthier eating but I also don't want to beat myself up about my less-healthy eating choices. These memes made me laugh A LOT!

  4. I hear you girl!! The struggle is real... as well as my infinite love for 🌮