Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favourites

I did a little shopping at Old Navy for E and myself.  I got those bright pants I blogged about last week, and a pair of plain black ones, along with a couple of t-shirts.  I got E some new shorts and t-shirts too (the orange one is so cool, I love kids' clothes these days). Now comes the fun of taking the old t-shirts that no longer fit him/have stains out of his drawers.

E did this beautiful painting of the cherry blossoms at his art class this week.  I am always amazed at what kids can do with a little direction and motivation.  It's true in everything but you can really see it with some artwork like this.

I wrote yesterday about how it is hard to be 100% diligent with healthy eating habits.  On Monday I did indeed treat myself to a walk over to the First Canadian Place Starbucks to get an Americano and a coffee cake.  I was tired from the night before (Raptors Game 7 and Game of Thrones) so the afternoon break was appreciated.

Speaking of treats - Dave met me downtown for lunch on Tuesday and we went to Union Chicken. If you get a chance, check it out.  I had the OG fried chicken plate and it was so delicious. Hot lunch, hot date, cold beer - nothing better!

I walked over to Bulk Barn during my lunch break on Wednesday and took a detour up to King Street to walk back.  I passed St. James Park and it was in full tulip bloom.

If you lived in Dalhousie residence (particularly Cameron/Newcombe/Eliza) between 1999 and 2003 you more than likely attended a Steve Bowers show and/or bought his CD. I follow Steve on Twitter and saw the release of his new song "Just You" featuring Meaghan Smith.  I haven't listened to Steve in a few years but his lyrics and music are just as good (or better) than I remember. Check it out on Spotify.  You can also find "Comfortably Sweet" there for a throwback.

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  1. Impressive artwork by E! What a treat to see all those lovely tulips.

  2. What a great painting of the cherry blossoms. My sons sometimes surprise me with what they have created in art class.