Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday and Happy Mother's Day weekend!  My mother's day weekend will be spent potty training Q and then going to E's swimming lesson and t-ball game on Sunday.  People tend to look for some "time off" but since I work all week, I enjoy the weekend time spent with my kids even if it can be hectic!

E had his t-ball practice on Monday night.  Q stood on the sidelines with his glove.  And we also played at the playground.  

We went to High Park on Wednesday night to see the cherry blossoms, but it was a bit disappointing.  Q is saying "where are the ducks?" but he might as well have said "Where are the cherry blossoms?"  They just weren't all the way out yet.  But it was still a fun night - E rode his bike and Dave and I ran (with Q in the running stroller), and we stopped to get some McDonalds to take to the park for our supper (Running/McDonalds? It was McHappy Day!!)

Check out the difference between our neighbourhood park from mid-winter when the ice jams had spilled over the riverbanks and this week now that's finally all cleared up.  Still some displaced water and mud but it's passable!

I shared some of my favourite outfits on Wednesday.  Since I got my summer clothes out, I realized I need a few more items.  I want something like this kimono, a short colourful one, but I haven't seen one in person that I like yet.

And since I like the pixie pants from Old Navy so much, I could get another pair of those. These banana ones look fun!
product photo

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  1. Those kimonos are so forgiving! I added a couple to my wardrobe. Potty training on Mother’s Day?! You are a rockstar! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.