Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Weekend Recap

This was our Friday afternoon, Q and E were in the trench in the front yard, and our neighbours even joined in! I mentioned yesterday that Dave rerouted our drainpipe in the front yard, so this was the work he was doing on that. 

We watched a few movies on Friday night - Wonder Woman and part of Ant Man and the Wasp.

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early and headed downtown to meet my dad and his wife for a day on Centre Island.   I loved this view of the city skyline and clouds.  I even like the crane, it means progress!

On the ferry on a beautiful Saturday.

The amusement park didn't open until 10:30 so we had a bit of time to kill and we walked around. Checking out a family of Canada Geese.

Then time for some rides.  The rides are a bit too small for E but he was a good big brother and enjoyed them all with Q. 

Roller coaster with Papa.

And then he got to go by himself for a few times.  It wasn't super busy which was great!

Flume ride

E did the driving on the antique car ride.

We were the passengers.

Q even got to do some rides by himself.

Carousel time

We ate lunch at the Carousel Cafe, which was pretty good, would be a bit better if the patio was open and it was a bit warmer. 

Back on a few rides after lunch. 

And then onto the farm.

Excited to see the pigs

We were tired after that long day.  We got home around 3:00.  I had a quick nap and then went to the grocery store.  We didn't stay up too late that night.  

On Sunday we went to Home Depot.  First Dave and Q went first thing to get some mulch and other things, and then we all went back to get some concrete, patio cushions, and flowers. 

I went to a second Home Depot to find more patio cushions (we needed four and could only get two at the first Home Depot).  Then I took E to swimming and after that went to a third Home Depot to get the fourth cushion. 

Papa and Nana came over again before supper.  We had a quick game of washer toss.

Pizza for everyone!

We had a late night of a double OT Raptor game and Game of Thrones finale. 

On Monday morning we did some yard work and I organized the boys' clothes.  This is the finished product with the black mulch.

Q had a quick nap and then we jumped on the subway to head to the Jays game.

We bought all of the food served in hats - ice cream and french fries. And then Q wore the bowl.

Checking out the trains on the way home. 

Whew, a busy weekend!! Great time spent with family and we were productive around the house.  The best kind of long weekends. 

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