Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Favourites

The full trailer for the Downton Abbey movie came out this week and I have watched it several times.  I loved this show so much and I know I will love the movie.  The Sex and the City movie and the Entourage movie didn't get great reviews but I'm not sure what people were expecting, in both of those instances they felt like long episodes of the show, which was fine with me.  I assume the Downton movie will be the same and I'm here for it!!  My favourite scene of the trailer is when Carson walks up the Abbey.

E had his first soccer practice this week.  Q and I watched from the sidelines.  

I shared some Game of Thrones memes on Monday.  This is another good one - a crossover with Mean Girls.

Dave and I had our 10th wedding anniversary yesterday.  To celebrate we are off to The Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County for the weekend, sans kids. Dave had this planned for awhile but I was only let in on it this week. I have wanted to go here for so long and I am looking forward to golfing, a winery tour, good meals, and relaxing!

My fitness class instructor shared this on Instagram this week and I needed to hear it.  As someone who needs a plan and likes to be super prepared for all scenarios, having a surprise trip (even one I really want to go on) temporarily threw me for a loop.  But I'm embracing it and I haven't even looked at the menu for the restaurant at the hotel, or looked around the area to see what else there is to do in town.  That is kind of a big deal for me, but I'm looking forward to going with the flow! 

Happy Friday!

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  1. How serendipitous for you to see this message when you needed it! Just breathe! A good plan. Enjoy your special weekend.💕