Thursday, August 8, 2019

10 on the 10th

Today's 10 on the 10th (or 8th in my case) link up is 10 ways to be a good friend.  I don't have a large group of girlfriends that I hang out with a lot, I tend to have smaller groups from various stages of my life, and Dave and I have a number of couple friends.

1. Make plans.  You have to make an effort to see people, so see if you can meet up for lunch, coffee, a drink, or movie.  It doesn't have to be a big thing but catch up in person when you can.

2. And stick to them.  Make your meet ups with friends a priority because when you start cancelling plans and pushing them out, you may end up losing touch. 

3. Send texts every once in awhile (I'm not a phone talker). If your friends live far away, you can still check in every once in awhile.  

4. Listen.  Sometimes you don't need to ask a lot of questions, your friends will tell you what they need to tell you and you just need to be there to listen and lend moral support.   

5. Don't expect too much.  We are in a busy season of our lives and even though I said you should make plans and stick to them, don't worry about getting together all of the time.  It's about quality, not quantity.  There will be a time when our kids need us less and then we will spend more time with our friends. 

6. Take their advice. Your friends know you and can see things in different ways than you can. 

7. Make new memories, don't just rely on the old ones.  This is self explanatory.  If you only ever spend time talking about the "good old days", then your friendship may not make it.  

8. Include their spouse and kids in invitations.  It's nice if you can find synergies with your families so it means more time to spend together. 

9. Travel. This is not always easy and it doesn't work with everyone, but if you can make a short trip work every once in awhile, it is fun, and adds to #7.

10. Like their Instagram posts.  This is kind of a silly one but it just means you're keeping up with their lives and what's important to them.  A simple like means you're paying attention.  I know it seems trite but this is the world we live in now. 

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  1. THis is wonderful! I agree with all of these! Love the inclusion of kids/spouses!