Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday I took E with me to the office for the morning.   On the way to the subway. 

Set up with a hot apple cider, granola bar, and candy from the lobby.  He did a few pages in his workbook and did a bunch of crafts with some loose leaf.

We managed to get out of there around 12:30 and then we took the subway to graffiti alley.  E has wanted to go here since he found out about it in his art class, so I was glad I was able to find time to surprise him with this visit.  It's pretty neat, and I was surprised to see so many tourists/instagrammers walking around. 

There was a cute little garden where I got E to take my picture. 

Our plan was to walk to an arcade bar nearby but as we struck out we found out it was closed, so instead we Ubered to The Greater Good on Geary Av.  They have a few video games, pinball, skeeball, craft beer, and pizza slices. 

It was a successful afternoon, even with this change of plans. 

On Saturday morning we decided to bike to High Park and just see what we could find there.  We started the Japanese garden area, but Q only wanted to go around and around instead of going to other parts of the park. 

Then I took him back to the bikes for a snack.

We met back up with E and Dave, and wandered over to the baseball fields. 

We ended up eating at the Grenadier Cafe, which was only okay, and taking a quick dip in the pool (it was open this time).  E passed the deep water test so he was allowed to go on the slide, and Dave and I got a few slides in too. 

Q fell asleep on the bike ride home so we left him in the trailer to finish his nap outside, and I went to the grocery store.  When he got up, we set up some water play stations in the backyard while Dave and E went to the park to throw the baseball around. 

A relaxing end of the afternoon.  Then the kids made their own pizzas while Dave and I had leftovers.

The next morning we went to our neighbours' house for a birthday party for one of Q's friends. 

We had a lovely brunch while the kids enjoyed the bubble show. 

E stayed after the party and hung out with the big kids, while Q went home to have a nap.  We thought we would have an afternoon of tennis, but after women's final ended after 19 minutes, we had a lot of free time.  I walked up the street to pick up our supper ingredients, and when I got back, we all went back over to a different neighbours' house to hang out.

My dad is in town this week and we celebrated his birthday on Sunday night.

A bit of a movie before going to bed.

We have a few busy weekends ahead so this was a nice one to hang out close to home. 

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