Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday Favourites

Another round up of my favourite things from this week:

My workout classes were on hiatus this week, but I did ride my bike to work everyday and went for a run with Q one day.  The run was slooooooow, but at least I was out there. 

Check out this cutie at the playground on Tuesday - while we were watching E's soccer game, Dave and Q went to the playground. 

I tried the new Starbucks Cold Brew with Sweet Cream, and it was fine, but it really just tasted like the Tim Horton's Iced Coffee, so I don't think I'll get it again. 

I met Dave at MEC this week to pick up a few things for my bike and then we grabbed lunch at Queen Mother Cafe.  I hadn't been there for awhile, but everything was very good, highly recommend if you're in the area.  I forgot to get a photo at lunch, so I got this one on my walk back to the office of the cow statues at the TD Centre. 

I had never heard of the Toronto Maple Leafs Baseball team but apparently it's quite the thing.  My dad was a fan when he used to live here so we went to Christie Pits to watch a game with him this week.  We took in a bit of a soccer game too. 

I shared our Back to School plans yesterday including these fun new lunch bags for E and me.

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