Monday, August 12, 2019

Planning for next summer

It seems ridiculous but we are already making concrete plans for next summer.  As much as we want to live in the moment and enjoy things as they come, when you're trying to coordinate multiple families, it just becomes necessary to start planning well in advance.

We have already planned a week up at Hyatt's Camp and a sleep away camp for E.  And we also know that we want to take Q out of daycare for the month of August before he starts school (!), and then we know we want to camp with our neighbours at Arrowhead so that will take up a few days.

Although we are always planning ahead, I do really try to enjoy what we are doing at the time.  When we we are at Canada's Wonderland last week I found myself asking Q what ride he wanted to go on next, even though we were currently on a fun ride.  So I had to stop myself from doing that, instead of asking what we were going to do next, i wanted him (and me) to focus on what we were doing at the moment.

So even though we are making a few plans for next year, we are still enjoying and focusing on the summer we are experiencing right now, because it's been awesome so far, and still weeks left to go!!

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  1. ENjoy the last few weeks of school vacay!!! I'm the same with the planning.