Wednesday, August 7, 2019

September Resolutions

Some people view the start of a new school like the real start to the year, rather than the calendar year.  Even though I have been out of school for many years I do still feel that way sometimes.  With the weather changing, it feels like we should be buckling down and get serious (before the Christmas holidays start and we go nuts again!).

A few things that I want to improve on as we head into September are:

Eating better - I tend to indulge in lots of summer treats, and I do enjoy it, but I also feel much better when I limiting alcohol, fatty foods, and sugar.  

Bring my lunch 80% of the time.  When the patios are calling in the summer, I tend to eat out more.  Bringing my lunch will also help with the first one of eating better!

Fitting in an extra workout other than my classes.  We are pretty active in the summer but I want to keep that up into the fall even if it means an extra layer of clothes. 

Continuing to ride my bike.  As long as the weather stays pretty warm and dry, there is no reason why I can't keep riding my bike into September.  

Not scrolling so much through social media.  My husband is reading this and rolling his eyes since he doesn't think I'll actually stick to this.  I am always checking Twitter and Onstagram so I can keep up with what is going on but lately the news just seems so bleak, do I really need to know every detail?  

Start thinking about Halloween and Christmas now!  We always have busy Septembers and Octobers with back to school and birthdays, so I want to try and get a head start. 

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  1. I need to get better about limiting the alcohol and sugar too!! We eat out in the summer lots too...