Thursday, August 15, 2019

Ready for Back to School

Well we are getting there, the first day of school is practically around the corner.  This is how we are getting ready:

Backpack - E doesn't need a new backpack this year, but the one he has does need to be cleaned.  When he is finished with his camp this week I will try washing it in the washing machine in a pillow case.  I have heard this will work.  If not, we may be scrambling to pick up a new bag. 

Lunch bag - E picked out a new lunch bag from and I got one for myself too!  He picked an Avengers one of course, and he liked this new style.  Mine fits a few containers and is cute too!

New Sporks and Thermos - We have lots of lunch containers, but were in need of new sporks and a new thermos for E.  I got these from as well. 

Hat - E lost his Blue Jays hat at his camp in late July and we haven't replaced it yet.  I asked him if he'd like a Blue Jays or Raptors hat, and his reply was "Avengers".  I said no way, you have to wear a Toronto sports team, no exceptions!! ;)

New Clothes - E doesn't need too many new clothes yet, we will still have warm weather for a few weeks.  I may have to get him a couple of pairs of pants but that should be it.  He has lots of sweatshirts and t-shirts, so he can wear those for awhile, and then as the temperatures go down, we will get him some new long-sleeved shirts. 

Lunch Ideas - I asked E what he would like in his lunches for school and his response was "bowtie pasta", so I guess some more pasta salad and hot lunches are in order.  He doesn't love the sunflower butter that we use instead of peanut butter; it does make for an easy sandwich but we can just finish the jar we have now and not buy it again.  He also likes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, apple sauce, fruit cups, and whatever snacks we get from Costco (fig bars, Made Good bites, dried peas).  He is a pretty easy kid and if his biggest complaint is sliced cheese (he prefers it shredded), then we are good!

Routine - We will have egg sandwiches on bagels and berries or melon (our go to power breakfast), take some photos on the front step, walk to school and drop E off in the playground (as opposed to taking him into the YMCA class), and then walk to get E after school so we can talk about his first day.  I will probably work from home that day to make this work but I am fortunate I can do that sort of thing. We typically have this macaroni and cheese for supper.  This year E has a t-ball game the night of his first day of school at 6:00 (play-offs!) so that will make it a bit different, but it's all fun. 

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