Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday Favourites

E spent this week with my mom at "Camp Nana" and they got up to lots of fun stuff:

Hockey Hall of Fame

Lunch with me at Movenpick

Indigenous Festival (Recognizing Residential School Survivors)

Art Gallery of Ontario

Lunch with me and my friend Janna at the Trinity Square Cafe


So I don't care for heights, but this was a new reaction.  The window in the office across the hall from me was being changed this week.  I was nowhere near it but I started to get so nervous.  Eventually the workers shut the door and then I was fine.

My bike got stolen this week :( which was pretty disappointing.  I was only able to ride it once this week.  I did get a replacement bike so I'll get back out there again (with stronger lock and special VIP bike parking).  I did snap this photo on the morning of my ride, it really is nicer to ride to work rather than take the subway.

My friend Cindy and her nieces are in town and I met them for supper at King Taps last night. 

Yesterday I celebrated my 5 year blogging anniversary and wrote about why I write this blog.  Check it out.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry about your bike! Otherwise it looks like you've had a pretty good week though!


  2. Oh no! Sorry about your bike! Otherwise it looks like you had a pretty good week though!

  3. So sorry about your bike, I'm glad you got a replacement.
    Happy blogiversary! :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your bike; that's awful! Nana camp looks amazing.