Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

The theme of this month's Let's Look is our Binge Shows.  Now I do not usually watch more than two or three shows at one time, but these are shows that I could put on anytime and watch over and over again without being sick of them.

Seinfeld - My number one show of all time.  I wrote about why I love Seinfeld here.  

The Office - Dave and I rewatching this now on Netflix.  I was always a fan of this show and love it more now.

Anthony Bourdain shows - Netflix doesn't seem to have any of his shows currently, but anything Tony did was fine by me.  I read his book earlier this year and loved it. I discovered him too late! 

Fixer Upper - I know these are relatively all the same - crappy house, shiplap, white paint, and then a big reveal where they LOVE it!, but I could watch anytime and never get sick of it. 

Mad Men - This is another show that I will always appreciate.  I feel like I pick up on a new joke every time, usually delivered by Roger Sterling. 

Downton Abbey - This is in my top five shows of all time and it just makes me so happy.  I cannot wait for the movie!

Queer Eye - Another great to show to have on in the background.  I am still watching the new episodes, which require my full attention, but I'll put on reruns while I'm cooking or cleaning up.  I cannot choose a favourite of the Fab Five, they are equally enjoyable.  

We love TV!!

Now the kids really do binge watch shows, because first of all the shows are only 15-20 minutes long and they don't have anything else to do!  Their current favouirte shows on Netflix are:

Teen Titans
Paw Patrol
Super Wings
Rescue Bots
Wild Kratts

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  1. Oooh i forgot about mad men, one of my favourite shows to date!!

  2. I really need to check out Mad Men. Maybe once we get through Grey's Anatomy???