Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday Favourites

For this edition of Friday Favourites, I am sharing photos from one of our favourite days of the summer (so far!) - on Wednesday we went to Canada's Wonderland and it was a very successful day.  We took E here last year and he enjoyed most of the rides (with the exception of the big coasters that he is still just a bit too short to go on) but this year we thought we should bring Q.  He is over 36 inches tall so he can go on all of the kids rides and there are a lot of them.  

We bought our tickets at Costco, saving a few dollars on each one (Q was free!), and on Wednesday we packed up our lunches, sunscreen, water, and hats for a day at the park.  We did pack a bag with swimsuits and towels but forgot it at home! I was so annoyed that we did this, but it all worked out in the end.  The boys were wearing thin shorts that worked as swimsuits, and Dave just took one for the team and wore his shorts on the slides (you couldn't tell they weren't swim trunks, and he tolerated having no change of clothes).  I did not get to go on the slides this time (I didn't feel like buying one of the bikinis they had for sale at the shop) but I still went in the wading pool and was able to take a bunch of photos.  

So besides #swimsuitfail2019 we were ready.

We got there before it opened, around 9:30.  They let you into the park, just not into the rides, and so we could get the kids' height bracelets and take a few photos. 

Q would not look at the camera, he was interested in the waterfalls. 

Our first stop was Vortex, and we were on the ride at 10:03.  This doesn't have a long line first thing in the morning so both Dave and I were able to go on with E without waiting.  

Again, Q not interested in a photo.

Canada's Wonderland has Parent Swap (like Disney) so we used that for Thunder Run.  It didn't really work out for any other rides because we split up later so Q wasn't just sitting around, but it is a great option and I don't think many people know about it.

After Thunder Run, E and I went to find a bathroom and the Spinovator was right next to that, so we went on that ride.   Meanwhile Dave and Q were checking out the kids area.

Even though these are smaller rides, E was happy to go on them with Q. 

Then Dave and E left to go on Dragon Fyre, and Q and I stayed in the kids area.

A quick hug for Charlie Brown.

Obligatory ride on the swans, although at the end Q was saying "Go faster", so clearly he's more of a thrill rider. 

This one, Flying Eagles, was pretty fast and high, but fun. 

Our eyes match our respective shirts. 

Then we went out to the car to have our picnic lunch.  This worked out well as it was a little break from the crowds, no need to stand in line to get food, and we saved some money and ate some healthier food.  (But don't worry, we had some treats later on.)

After we went back into the park, Dave and E went on The Fly while Q and I headed to the water park.  As I said above, we didn't have our suits, but we decided to see what we could accomplish. First Q wanted some candy and then we just sat in the shade while he ate that and he played with some toys.  

First I tried just getting Q to go into the splash pad area but he really just wanted to go to on the slides.

After a few runs on the kiddie slides and some wading pool time, I managed to convince Q to leave so then E and Dave went on a few of the big slides.   Q and I watched the Yukon Striker go by a few times, and he kept saying "again!".  

Beer and chips for the win.

We went on the Flying Canoes and then I saw it was almost 5:00 so we went over to see the Charlie Brown Block Party.  It was cute, but Q didn't really care that much so we left. 


A few more rides over in Planet Snoopy.  It was the perfect time of day, there were very short lines so we did a lot. 

Q was big enough for the bumper cars so the boys went on that.  I don't think Q actually turned the wheel, it was pretty hard to turn, but he got around and he had a great time. 

We got some chicken fingers for supper, but Q just wanted an ice cream so we said sure, and he was pretty happy about that. 

After we ate, I took E over to my favourite ride, White Water Canyon.  

And then over to my second favourite ride, Flight Deck (formerly known as Top Gun); E was tall enough for this one this year.  

While we were doing these rides, Dave and Q went on Flying Canoe again and then to play at the Maple Park Treehouse where Dave said Q was having the time of his life running around.  He was able to pry him away and we met at the front gate ready to go home.  I only wish we'd had time for Swing of the Century and Backlot Stunt Coaster.

Driving away after a successful day.

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  1. Wow! You all look like you had a Wonderful time and Wonderland! Great photos!

  2. That looks like a really fun family day; sorry you forgot the suits and towels at home. At least you made the best of it though.