Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lake Placid Recap

Two Sundays ago we loaded up the car and left before the crack of dawn (pulled out of the driveway at 5:10) to head to Lake Placid, NY.  We crossed the border at Prescott/Ogdensburg and wound our way through Upstate NY to our hotel, The High Peaks Resort.  Our room wasn't quite ready but we were able to park our car at the hotel and then walk down the street to find some lunch. 

We went to The Great Adirondack Brewing Company.  It was only okay, but was convenient and we didn't have to wait for a seat inside.

The High Peaks Resort has three separate buildings and we stayed in the Waterfront Collection.  I could not recommend this more.  Your patio opens right out onto a green space, steps away from the lake (where you can swim and use kayaks, etc.) and the pool.  We hung out here while waiting for our room. 

We found this shark missile in the pool and it became a swimming highlight for the rest of the trip.  E's swimming really improved as he practiced diving down to the bottom to fetch it. 

Nothing beats being on the water.  This is Mirror Lake (not actually Lake Placid).

E and Dave went out for a kayak after our rooms were ready.

Then we went to explore the rest of the hotel.  The Lake House building had a huge bar area with lots of games, but the bar itself wasn't open, a missed opportunity for them we thought. 

Then we ate at the hotel restaurant, The Dancing Bear.

After we ate we strolled along Main Street. 

...and got some popcorn. 

We also did a little shopping and the checked out the s'mores station and lawn games back at the hotel.  It started to rain though, so we didn't stay out too late.  And we were pretty tired after our long drive in the morning and afternoon by the water.  We watched a bit of a movie and then hit the hay!

It was raining the next morning but Q and I went outside and sat under an awning to visit with the ducks for a bit.  Then the skies cleared and Dave went for a run around the lake. 

Meanwhile, I took the kids to get some breakfast.  We opted for muffins and coffee at the Breakfast Club.  I love that everything is so close in Lake Placid!

View from the parking lot before we got in the car. 

Our first adventure was going to the Cloudsplitter Gondola Ride at Whiteface Ski Resort.  We were warned that visibility wasn't great, and that it would be chilly up there, but we had no other plans for that day so we headed up.  Plus the lady selling us tickets let E go for free so that was nice. 

We love heights!

We are here!

Even with the cloud cover we could still see quite a piece. 

Then some relaxing rock climbing on a wet surface, said no one ever.

Time to go back down!!  Eeek!

Then we went on a hike through the woods to check out the waterfall. 

Back to the hotel after that.  I picked up some takeout from the sports bar next door and when I got back the rain had stopped. 

Out to the lake/pool for the afternoon. 

E tried paddleboarding on his own but it was pretty windy so I ended up towing him behind me, and although we were making it, Dave (and Q) came out in a kayak to finish towing E back to shore.  No real danger, just a long paddle back into the wind!

The duck liked our popcorn mess. 

Around 4:00 we went out to play some mini-golf.  Q did really well at hitting his ball, with some help at times, and waiting for his turn.    We had a successful round.

After that we went back to the hotel and then walked up to Ere's Pizza for supper.  Nothing much better than a pepperoni pizza, pitcher of beer, and outdoor seating with a view. 

Then some rolling down the hill at the park next door.

We went back to the hotel to swim again, and we had wanted to go out for ice cream before bed, but no one was getting ready so we nixed that idea and watched a movie instead. 

The next morning Dave and I each went for a run, and then we went to McDonalds for breakfast before our hike.  There are tons of hiking trails in this area but we picked this one, the Brewster Peninsula Trail, because it is super close to town, actually on Lake Placid itself, and is an easy hike for kids. 

Q loves a hike!

Pay no attention to those pee-stained shorts, oops!

For some reason the bugs were bad on the main road entering the trail system, but not on the actual hiking trails themselves.  Luckily we weren't on the main road for long. 

We got back to the hotel around 11:00 so I walked up the street to do some shopping and picked up some sandwiches at Soulshine Bagel for our lunch to take back to the hotel.  Dave managed to get Q to nap while he and E sat outside. 

Messing around in boats.  No motor boats are allowed on this lake so it was very pleasant. 

Halfway through the afternoon, the kids actually went inside to watch the ipad, and I got to read my book for awhile.

Another afternoon, another round of mini-golf, this time at the course across the street from the one we had done the day before. 

Adding up those scores!

For supper we went to the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery.  We had a great meal here and enjoyed the beer, along with some bottles to take with us.

(no posing for pictures by Q)

On this evening we did get out for some ice cream.

The next morning, Wednesday, we packed up the car, got some breakfast at the Breakfast Club again and headed for New Hampshire for the next leg of our journey.   We got to take a ferry across Lake Champlain into Vermont.  We got there just in time to catch the next crossing and only waited a few minutes. 

We even got to drive through Shelburne Vermont, which was neat.  (I'm from Shelburne, NS, and we have family in Shelburne, ON.)

Come back tomorrow to see the New Hampshire portion of our trip - spoiler alert, Santa makes an appearance!


  1. What a fun time you had! Neat to see E drinking a Shirley Temple in a bottle! That Q is good at keeping up with his brother. 💕

  2. What awesome family time enjoying the outdoors! I have actually been to Schelburne Vermont. I think I went to a farm there?