Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday Favourites


A few fun fall Friday favourites for you today.

We thought it was time to start a puzzle this week. E got this one for his birthday.

I went for a run on Tuesday and made it down to Grenadier Pond at High Park.  Lovely morning with just a bit of a chill.

One thing I miss about being at my office is popping downstairs to get a Starbucks in the afternoon.  So earlier this week I went for a walk to treat myself.  I had a Cinnamon Dolce Latte with almond milk and a coffee cake. It was so nice.

The "Wish Book(s)" arrived this week too.  The kids started looking through them and we always get them to cut out the things they want to fill one page of paper, and that's it.

I made stuffed peppers on Wednesday for supper and got the idea to carve jack o'lantern faces in the peppers (our filling was different than that one though).  The kids loved it!

The inside was so pretty I had to take a photo of it too.  It's a Moroccan inspired filling with couscous, chick peas, apricots, pine nuts, carrots, and yummy spices.

Dave took a new manager position at his work this week, so we went out for lunch to celebrate on Thursday.  There is no indoor dining in Toronto, not that we would want to be inside anyway, but the patios are in full swing.  We wore our warm clothes and I brought an extra scarf for a lap blanket and it was great. 

Then we carved our pumpkins!  We are going to put them out on Friday night too so more people can see them when they are walking by.  I had thought of doing a Ruth Bader Ginsberg pumpkin but couldn't find an easy stencil for it.  And we also thought of doing just a straight up "Covid Sucks" pumpkin but settled on a Storm Trooper (E's costume this year) and Toothless from How to Train your Dragon, since both boys have been watching a lot of that TV show on Netflix lately.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love your pumpkins! Congratulations to Dave on the promotion! I haven't had Starbucks in so long and now I kind of want one...

  2. Wow! First cute little supper jack-o-lanterns and then awesome carved pumpkins! Great job! And congratulations to Dave!

  3. Oh I love your Toothless pumpkin! My youngest son dressed up as Hiccup and Toothless for two consecutive Halloween's since it was his favorite movie. I used to get so frustrated that my kids wanted and asked for what felt like everything under the sun for Christmas but now I get shrugs and suggestions of gift cards... I have no ideas what to get them this year! LOL. I guess there is just no winning.