Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Weekend Recap

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day.  The weather was warm and the sun was out.  E and I took a bike ride at lunchtime.  

We had breakfast for supper and then Q went to bed fairly early.  Then we made popcorn and watched Hocus Pocus.

On Saturday morning I took Q to get his flu shot. This is his "angry face".  But he did fine and we even stopped in at the library and the playground for a few minutes (but it was chilly so we didn't stay long).

After lunch I went to Costco while Dave and the kids did some yardwork and played outside.  They were putting up booby traps around the tree house. 

Our backyard trees.

Pizza night on Saturday.  I think I won pizza of the week with this one. It was so good!

That evening we watched Addams Family Values.  

On Sunday morning I made breakfast and it looked like a face. 

Then we got dressed up and took our tripod down to the water to take our family photo for our Christmas card. 

Then back home to get warm and putt around the house for awhile.  I did some meal planning and made a list for groceries.

I went up the street to get a few things for our week ahead.  We were having ribs for supper so I prepped the rub, BBQ sauce, and potato salad.  Then I went out to see my fitness studio, Saor Studio.  I hadn't been there since it opened up in the summer, as I've been still working out at home, and now they can't have in person classes.  But they were open on the weekend for people to see the space and to shop at the little boutique.  The space is so lovely and I can't wait to go there and actually spend time, it will happen at some point even if it seems impossible now.

I picked up a candle while I was there and then dropped it off as a housewarming gift for one of our neighbours that moved recently.   And I also got to see their new house so that was nice. 

When I got back our ribs were cooking away in the oven.  Dave wanted to try and grill them on the open flame, so he went out to start the fire.  It is so nice to have a fire outside when it is chilly. 

Meanwhile the kids put together obstacle courses in the yard.  We all took turns going through them.

Ribs go onto the grill.  This was our first time trying this and it worked out pretty well, but the coals are hot, so next time we wanted to get the ribs up a little higher so they could spend longer on the grill.

Finished product. 

Potato salad with bacon and pickles (a Michael Smith recipe).

And the coleslaw we always make (so easy, just mayo, grainy mustard, a splash of cream, salt and pepper, and we buy the already shredded cabbage and carrots from our fruit market).

Showers for the kids after we ate, and Q was so tired he fell asleep before 7:00 as I read to him. Then the rest of watched The Great British Baking Show and Amazing Race.  Another lovely fall weekend :)


  1. Brilliant photos on your bike ride (golden!) and of your back yard! That pizza! And those ribs! Mouthwatering! I'll bet your Christmas card photos are great.

  2. Every time I see you backyard fire pit, I wish we could have backyard fires. Our city doesn't allow it and they look so cozy! And I really need to get back into make our own pizza nights -- we've been lazy and buying pizza and it's just not the same.

  3. Your food is making me so hungry!! YOur at home pizzas are on point!