Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Weekend Recap

On Friday E and I made some "sedimentary rocks" that was part of his science lesson.  It was just Rice Krispie squares but with M and Ms and sprinkles mixed in to represent the different types of material that make up sedimentary rocks. Then he showed his class during this Science lesson in the afternoon. 

I picked up Q from school kind of early and so we went to the playground for a few minutes before supper.  There were a few other people there so we decided to put our masks on.

Although I had just posted about our Friday pizza nights, we actually didn't make pizza and ordered noodles instead.  Q was tired so we went right up to bed after that. The rest of us watched four episodes of the Long Way Up on Apple Plus.  It's the show of Ewan MacGregor and friend travelling from the southern tip of South America to Los Angeles on motorcycles.

Q and I were up sort of early on Saturday morning and settled in for some TV.

Then I walked up the street to get a few things and after lunch we headed out to do a hike at Claireville Conservation Area.  It was such a beautiful day and I could not stop taking photos of the beautiful scenery.

Off the beaten path

We always go gaga over the reds and yellows, but the browns are also pretty.

Here they come!

Pit stop for water and snacks

Can you see the woodpecker?  It's on the left birch tree.

Dave got a better photo

Part of the park had a tree-caching area where you could locate different trees and then scan the tag on them to see what type of tree it was.  The kids loved this!

Scanning the tree

We walked for 3 hours and covered about 8 kilometres.  These kids were awesome, they love a good hike.  We did see people, but for the most part we were on our own, no issues with overcrowding. 

When we got home we started getting dinner ready right away.  I was making French Onion Soup so I needed to get the onions going, and Dave was grilling our sausages on the fire so he needed to get a good base of coals going.  

And then we ate outside and it was delicious!!

Then some marshmallows of course!

On Sunday we did some stuff around the house, I watched our church service on YouTube, Dave went for a run, and I got groceries. 

We also watched a bit of a movie.

E broke apart about a million rocks.  The rock unit they are doing in science suggested they try splitting apart a rock (just one but E's turned it into a new hobby).  It can all be cleaned up and it keeps him entertained. 

He even found this fossil.

Dave made this chocolate challah.

We had dinner, tidied up, did the regular Sunday night routine, watched a couple of shows and then tired to get to bed early.


  1. What a place for your hike! No wonder you couldn't stop taking pictures. I can't get over all the leaves. It must have been so peaceful in the woods. Thanks for all the photos. I can feel it.

  2. What beautiful hiking views! How neat that he found a fossil.

  3. That conservation area is gorgeous! I LOVE all your Fall photos. And you're right, those contrasting browns are also so pretty.