Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Happy 9th Birthday E!!

Happy Birthday to E!  He is so grown up now - 9 years old, in Grade 4. I often look over at him and wonder how he got so big. I have been so grateful for this time at home with him since March to see him grow, help him with his school work, and see what he is interested in.  Before I know it he'll be off doing his own thing and we'll barely see him.  

E never stops talking, he is always asking questions, wondering and exploring different ideas, asking us what we would do in various situations.  This is his gifted mind at work.  When he is interested in something, he can really spend a lot of time on it (like breaking the rocks on the weekend.)

He is also so easy going.  We get frustrated with him often but he just keeps smiling.  I know he's listening (right?!) but we get exasperated with having to repeat ourselves with certain instructions (chew with your mouth closed, stop hitting Q with those heavy pillows, get off the back of the couch!!). He is never really upset, or if he is, it doesn't last long, and that is a blessing.  He can be very helpful with tidying up, folding his clothes, and other chores. I find that although he can be slow to get started on something, once he's into it, he finishes with gusto.

He loves his brother so much and I am so happy they have each other to grow up with.  He puts up with a lot of Q's yelling (usually parroting what we are telling E to do, like "Put the iPad away!", as he tries to take it), some physical altercations, and generally Q always getting his own way, but he takes it in stride, and despite their age difference of five years, they get along pretty well. 

This was a strange year where E didn't get to do too much for extra-curricular activities or summer camps, but he did get to golf a few times this year and really enjoyed it.  It will be fun to see what else he gets into when more options become available.  


Annual Birthday Quiz:

Favourite Colour

Easy, Red

Favourite Stuffed Animal

Cuddly Pal

Favourite Thing to Sleep With

Cuddly Pal

Favourite Fruit


Favourite Thing to Eat for Breakfast

Waffles, Pancakes or Muffins

Favourite Thing to Eat for Lunch



Sushi and Pizza

Favourite Dessert

Pie, pumpkin, apple, blueberry, I’m just naming pie now!

Favourite Drink

Spidermans (from our Jamaica trip) and Coke

Favourite Animal

Dog, because I want one

Favourite Book

Dog Man Grime and Punishment

Favourite Song

Wow by Post Malone

Favourite Game

Among Us, Roblox, Monopoly Deal and Monopoly

Favourite Sport

 Soccer and Golf

Favourite TV Show

Trollhunters, Elbone (not sure if that's right), and Wizard Tales of Arcadia

Favourite Movie

Every Avengers Movie

Favourite Thing to do Outside

Play video games, what you can play video games outside! (Anything else then?) Or play with my friends, and fight Quinn (what is with all of the fighting? I don't get it)

Best Friend

Leo, Wes, Hudson, Anderson

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Someone who has a job and isn’t poor (good call)

Anything else to share

Favourite thing to do.. Play video games! (He loves to say this and i tell him he needs to diversify his interests)


  1. Happy Birthday to E!!! Isn't 9 such a fun age!?! I love his practicality in what he wants to be when he grows up :) And Rachel is really into Dog Man right now. She loves to laugh hysterically and then read her favourite parts out loud to us.

  2. Wow! He is growing up too fast! What a great boy and big brother. Happy 9th Birthday, E!

  3. LOL. His video game answers remind me so much of my youngest!!