Monday, October 19, 2020

Three Things

 Three things going on with each of us at the moment:


1.  Q has been potty trained for awhile, but he was still wearing a diaper to bed.  I remember when we took E out of diapers overnight, he was able to make the change right away, even getting up in the middle of the night to pee. Well for Q it has not been like that.  He has woken up for five nights in a row with a wet bed.  So I think we will go back to diapers or pull-ups for now and try again another time. 

2. We have a handful of Halloween books and Q is loving them.  He has brought them all downstairs and wants to read all of them before school everyday.  We usually have time to get through them so I don't mind too much.

3. He also got a Monopoly game (a Nintendo version and a bit simpler than regular Monopoly) for his birthday that is for ages 8 and up but he's figured it out.  It's great for numbers and counting too.  


1. His Covid test came back negative but he still needs to isolate from school for another week and a half.  He doesn't mind too much but it does mean he misses being at school for his birthday.

2. In Science they are learning about rocks and E has loved this unit.  He has been breaking apart rocks in the backyard with a small sledgehammer all weekend.  He has even found a couple of fossils.

3. The lunchtime art class that he participated in at school is being offered online this year.  He had his first class on Thursday after school.  The teacher dropped off the materials to our house and all he needed of his own was the brushes.  He joins the Zoom call with the other students and the teacher guides them through the painting.  He has three other classes and it's definitely worth it. 

Dave and Me

1. We have been checking things off our to-do lists - I got my engagement ring fixed (the prongs were moved and I was afraid I'd lose the diamond) and we had quotes done for some windows and tuckpointing (brick work).

2.  Dave had a successful year at work again this year and exceeded his quota.  And I had a successful week and settled a few contracts with clients. 

3. Our workout schedules have been off lately - I hurt my back and have been taking a break while getting treatment from the chiropractor, and Dave's bike trainer broke and he's waiting for parts to be shipped from England.  This week we are both hoping to get back at it in some capacity. 


  1. Three words...Love you all! 💕❤️💖

  2. I found two of my boys had a much harder time with nighttime bedwetting (I did too as a child) but I did find that they are much heavier sleepers than the one who had no problems transitioning at night. I remember doing all sorts of research at the time and most things said it can take to age 8 or even older before some children will outgrow it. We used a lot of pull-ups and patience. Best of luck!

    So glad the Covid test was negative and his art class sounds like fun! I hope your back is feeling better soon. I have three more weeks before I'm cleared for exercise and I was just telling my husband this weekend that I never thought I'd say I actually miss exercising!

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! He wore a diaper last night and we all slept better and I don't need to do laundry this morning.

  3. One of my kids took forever to day train but picked up night training like nobody's business and the other one rocked the day training but took a long time to stay dry at night. I found it was a bit of a trade off. Hopefully he gets it figured out soon...

    And I can't believe E had to be off school for two weeks. Ugh -- that just sucks. Here's to a full month of school in November for you.