Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Weekend Recap

 Pizza night to start our weekend!  The neighbour boys had come over to play Nintendo so we invited them to share some pizza too, and then we went down to watch a movie afterwards.

My pizza was good as always!

We watched the (newish) Addams Family animated movie.

Saturday morning was a little chilly to start but we still wanted to get outside. We headed to the driving range to hit a few balls.

Q isn't that consistent but he can make some good contact at times, and he loves being out there so it's great.

Getting better all of the time.

Then we walked around Centennial Park for a bit.  This is the disc golf course.

Leftover pizza picnic

Top of the ski hill

It's pretty neat up there.  E took ski lessons here when he was three but we hadn't really been back to this area for awhile, and of course not without snow.  The kids rolled down the ski hill twice.

When we got home I made and decorated the cupcakes for Q's birthday party.  I love a good cake, and made from scratch too! I used Smitten Kitchen's recipe for the buttercream and cakes.

Then I went downstairs to do a workout.  I snapped a quick sweaty selfie, and then right after that I hurt my back, so workout was cut short.   It's better now but I was stiff for the rest of the weekend.

We had a quick supper and then set up for Q's birthday.  We ended up having just two families over for a bonfire and some treats and it worked out quite well. 

Cuddled up before everyone arrived. It wasn't that cold, but the fire was nice, and I did use a blanket near the end of the night.  The kids were all too busy running around to actually get cold.

Hi there!

Trying out his new bird watching set.

Juice boxes, a real treat!

I had bought tons of glow sticks when we had been expecting more kids, but the ones that were there made good use of them.

Sunday was a rainy day so Dave and E's golf game was cancelled.  We spent the morning watching some movies, and then tidied up the party things.  In the afternoon Q and I checked out virtual Sunday School.  We watched a You Tube video on Noah's Ark, answered some questions about animals, and then Q made a bookmark.  E would have joined us but I told him he needed to fold and put away his laundry and it took him a long time.

A giraffe

Then some neighbours came over (some that couldn't come to the party) so we played with them outside for a bit. Then we came inside to play the new Monopoly that Q got for his birthday. It's a bit simpler than regular Monopoly so Q can play.

We ordered Popeyes for supper and then watched the old Addams Family movie (the one with Raul Julia and Angelica Huston).

A great weekend with lots of outdoor activities and indoor cozy time, the best thing about any season, but especially fall.

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