Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Christmas Recap Part 1

We had two lovely weeks of Christmas holiday (even though Dave and I were still working, we had planned to take this week off instead to go to Hawaii but that trip has been postponed).  This is week one and I'll recap the second week tomorrow.

School ended on Friday the 17th.  The kids got their Santa letters back that day so after supper they opened and read them. 

On Saturday I made gravy and cranberry sauce ahead of time for our Christmas dinner. 

That night we had a charcuterie board and watched some Christmas movies.

Gingerbread man sandwich.

On Sunday we went to the golf club for brunch.  We had booked this several weeks ago but thought it was still okay to go (despite the rising number of Covid cases).  We were happy we went, the food was delicious and our table was far from other people.  A good excuse to get dressed up too!

And a silly one!

Hi Santa!

We had to take a doggy bag home!

So pretty.

After brunch we rushed home to get changed and went skiing.  There were only a few runs open but we wanted to make sure we had everything ready for when lessons start in January. 

After supper we did some night runs.

This was a fitting tweet for the entire Christmas season.  We all tested negative on the antigen tests we took, but who knows if they were actually accurate?

My parents arrived on Monday afternoon.  On Tuesday morning Mom was making muffins, with Q's help.

and they walked up the street to pick up a few things.

We had Chinese food one night.

We watched White Christmas and Q wanted a photo with his stuffies.

We went for a walk on Wednesday.  It was a beautiful day.

We collected some things for ice sun-catchers.

And then Mom did some art with the kids.

Wednesday night was lobster night :)  We always have lobster at Christmastime, and we serve it with the most delicious roasted potatoes and coleslaw. Dave has a steak because he can't eat lobster.

This year Q had a few more bits of claw than he has before, so gradually working his way up.

Checking out our sun-catchers the next day. They didn't stick around for too long.

Dave, Mom, and the kids went for a walk at High Park.  They got to see an emu egg and also fed some birds.

I got my booster appointment for that day at 4:00.  I had to go to my office anyway so I stopped in there and then had a coffee at Balzac's to put in some time before my appointment. 

Although I had an appointment, I had to wait in an extremely large line and didn't finish up until about 6:30.  Thank goodness I had my book!

On Christmas Eve we made sure we finished our puzzle.

And I had a treat of smoked salmon for breakfast. 

It had snowed the night before so we went for a walk at the golf club.

Hitting some golf shots, haha.

Snowman building time when we got home.  And a good distraction while I did some last minute gift wrapping.

Puzzle done!

New Christmas PJs for Christmas Eve.


Memory game with customized family photos (Mom ordered this from Shutterfly).

We tuned into our church's Christmas Eve service on YouTube, no in person service again this year.

The kids set up some singers, pianist, and handbell ringers (like what was happening on screen).

Our "pew"

Treats ready for Santa.

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you got to spend Christmas with your parents. And that lobster tradition sounds fun!!! I LOVE lobster. Also, have I mentioned how much I love your Christmas puzzle?!?! And I think we'll try and make some ice sun catchers. I've seen those before and they look so pretty.