Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Favourite

Happy Friday! For those of you dealing with online school for the past week or two, a special shout out to you!  In Ontario the kids are expected to return to in person learning on Monday.  I mean, it's always possible things can change, but we're expecting to go back.  Both kids did really well this round, and I am proud of their efforts. 

Making a rainbow.

I got these beautiful earrings for Christmas and finally wore them this week.  Made in Nova Scotia (check out their website here for when new things are restocked)

I saw this parody video for Peloton - check it out here.

Sing 2 just came out but we have seen it twice already, it's soo good!

The kids got their second Covid vaccine this week so this household is now as fully vaccinated as we can get (pending the 14 days post-vaccine for the kids).

We wanted to have a fire and start burning our Christmas tree so we chose last night since the temperature was pretty good and set to plummet over the weekend.  We made some sausages and hot dogs over the fire for our supper.

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  1. We want to see Sing 2! Congrats on the 2nd vaccine!

  2. I want to see Sing 2; I really enjoyed the first but I seem to be the only one that likes musicals in this house.

  3. Here in NS we're set to return to in-person schooling next week too.
    The kids did a lot better this time around but it was still tough, and there were just a lot of hours to fill for the little guy (Grade 1 and he was sometimes done before 9:30 AM).
    Tough all around, but counting our blessings and trying to just take each change as it comes (which is sometimes easier said than done).