Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Weekend Recap

The kids had an extra long weekend with a PA Day on Friday and a Snow Day on Monday.  

Friday morning was spent watching TV and playing video games but in the afternoon they did some painting.  Art in Action used to do lunch time painting classes at the school, and then last year when they couldn't do in person classes, they started offering online classes.  E did a session last year and we were impressed.  They drop off the materials you need (except for the brushes, which we have anyway) and provide a link to the class. We opted for the on demand class rather than the live class and so both boys did their class on Friday.  

Q did a penguin with some pastels and paint.

And E did a Banksy inspired painting.  The nice thing about the class is that they also learn about the artist.

It was a cold day on Saturday but after my workout and some cleaning up, we braved the outside to skate at the local rink.   When I posted this on Instagram it was -17C.  Our neighbours came too and we were all glad to be outside in the sunshine, despite the cold.

Dave had picked up what he thought were frozen dumplings but when we made them, somewhat successfully, they turned out to be a Ukrainian doughnut type thing with fruit inside.  We sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon after looking up what they could be.

For the rest of the day the kids were at the neighbours' house and Dave cleaned the house while I folded all of the laundry.  I also went to the grocery store.  We had a roast in the slow cooker for supper with mashed potatoes and carrots, a great meal for a cold day. 

On Sunday we went skiing.  It was cold but we all used the foot and hand warmers and covered our faces.   The kids did their lessons in the morning and Dave and I skied.  

We warmed up in the car at lunchtime since there is still no inside chalet access (except for washrooms and picking up food).

We all warmed up, enjoyed our hot drinks, and were ready for the afternoon.  The sun was out and it was actually pretty great out there.  We skied with our friends for a few hours.  The boys.

Trying to get a family selfie.

We know them!

When we got home, we got everything put away and then started getting ready for what we thought would be the first day of school on Monday.  I cleaned Q's sneakers with powdered Tide, what a difference!

On Monday morning we woke up to a Snow Day.  The school board changed their policy and said the kids should be doing virtual school rather than giving them an actual snow day.  But we said they didn't need to "go" to school and could watch movies and play outside again.  We think it was the right call. 

I took this to send to my mom around 7:30 but then we got a pile more snow after this.

I had an 8:00 am meeting but the boys started out shovelling and I joined them for a bit after my call.  There was just so much snow!  We couldn't even do it all, which is very much not like us, both Dave and I like a clean driveway.  But it snowed all day and we just couldn't do it. 

The kids went outside twice and then came in around 1:30 to watch Sing 2 (again!) and I made them some popcorn and hot drinks.

We went outside again after this, Dave took them sledding while I finished up some work, and then we all shovelled again.  We cleaned the car off and this was the best we could do before calling it and going inside for supper.

I really do love a good snowstorm, despite the shovelling. It makes it better that we didn't actually have to go anywhere today.

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  1. My sister lives near Toronto and has been wishing for snow - definitely sounds like she got her wish.
    We had a big storm here over the weekend. Schools did reopen in NS yesterday for a 1/2 day but the kids were sent home before lunch because of the weather forecast and then today was cancelled as well. Sigh. I'm so ready for some semblance of a routine, but between winter and COVID, this is definitely to be expected.