Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Weekend Recap

We definitely embraced the winter weather this weekend, lots of outdoor time. 

On Friday I completed my 100th Peloton ride and joined the Century Club.  I made sure to do a live ride, even though it meant not eating supper at the same time as my family, and joined Cody's 6:30 pm Intervals and Arms ride. It was worth it because he gave me a shout out! I was so excited.  We got our Peloton last March.  I don't "stack" my rides like some people do, I just do one at a time typically, and since I do other workouts, I don't just ride. It takes me a little longer than some people to count up the rides, but that's fine! I marvel at the people that are in the thousands but that won't be me. 

On Saturday we didn't really have anything to do and that sounded good to me.  It meant I got up a little later, had time to do our grocery shopping in person (rather than place an online order), and work on our puzzle.  After lunch we joined our neighbours to go skating.  This was Q's first year skating without a chair or something to push in front of him, and he did a great job!!  He was smiling most of the time (except at the end when he was so tired) and loved skating with the other kids. 

A semi-successful group shot, I cut Matt out of the photo though! 

When we got home I made a cake and then did a workout.  We had one of my favourite meals for supper, Carbonara Pasta, and garlic bread.

And then our cake for dessert.  Q went to bed early and then we watched The Amazing Race with E before getting him to bed somewhat early as well. 

On Sunday we had our first week of ski lessons. Despite the current Covid restrictions, outdoor instruction is still permitted, thank goodness for that!!  We got up and out of the house by 7:30.
Q heading up the magic carpet for his lesson.

We got to ski by ourselves :)

The temperature wasn't that bad, but it was chillier than expected with the overcast sky, wind, and snow flurries.  We were happy to have our break, even though we have to use our car as our chalet, no inside access except for the washroom. The kids ate in the back and we hung out with our friends. 

Lessons are only in the morning so we had free ski in the afternoon.  We got in a few more runs after lunch.

Home, showered, unpacked, cleaned up, and martini poured.  The kids had friends over to play video games before supper so Dave and I relaxed with our cocktails.

After supper we watched Sing 2 with the kids (fabulous movie!), and then an episode of Yellowstone before falling into bed ourselves.


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