Thursday, January 13, 2022

Weekly Menu

 I used to try and share a new recipe on Thursdays, or some other food related post, but I've felt like I had no new ideas recently so Thursdays are neglected.  Since we meal plan, I thought I would start sharing what we ate during the week in case you need some inspiration for your own meals.  I have written about meal planning many times before (herehere, and here) so you can go there for tips.  This is simply a list of our meals (with a link to a recipe if possible).

Sunday - Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps.  This was actually kind of a dud.  I saw this idea in the President's Choice Insider's Report so I bought the ribs and sauce.  The package of ribs, however, was too small, and I didn't discover this until I opened it up.  It was barely enough for Dave and me, so I made some chicken fingers and carrots for the kids to eat instead, and just Dave and I ate the wraps.  The meat was good, and convenient (only 25 minutes in the oven) but I think I can do better. 

Monday - Noodle Stirfry with Tofu and Spring Rolls.  We had some vegetables to use up and a package of the Costco spring rolls that had been in the freezer for awhile.  Bonus, I got to use that sauce I got for Sunday night's supper.

Tuesday - Taco Bowls.  This is an Earthy Andy recipe and although I know my kids would prefer actual tacos, we still encourage salad bowls about once a week. 

Wednesday - Order Pizza :)The kids had their second Covid vaccine dose so we took advantage of the half price pizzas at QMP.

Thursday - Soup. We have a prepackaged soup mix that we got last year for Christmas but didn't end up using yet.  But I've got all of the extra things it needs and we will make it now.  This came with another soup mix and when we made that one, it was delicious.  Bonus, this one calls for added bacon :)

Friday or Saturday - Roast Beef in the Slow Cooker with mashed potatoes and carrots. We haven't decided if we will do a fire one night and roast some hot dogs so this meal may be shifted. 

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