Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Let's Look - New Year Organization


Yay, a new year of Let's Look topics and linking up with Shay and Erika. Check out the list of what's to come.

Today we are looking at how we organize for the new year.  Like many people I enjoy the clean slate of the new year and often take the opportunity to get my life together after the holidays.  I'm also looking forward to reading posts from other people so I can figure out what I'm missing.

Healthy Eating - after the holidays we try to clean up our eating and drinking habits.  We try to eat healthier meals all around, and only drink alcohol and eat chips on the weekend. 

Fridge/Cupboards - I love going through the fridge and cupboards and discard old food and things we aren't going to use.  Then I wipe everything out so it's somewhat clean. 

Exercise - Honestly there aren't too many changes to our exercise routine for the new year, since we are pretty good at working out all of the time.  However if we have a winter break trip planned, there is always a bit of added incentive to look our best.  

Cleaning - With the Christmas tree taken down, the dust seems to become more apparent so we do some more deep cleaning at the beginning of the year. 

Clothes/Toys - With the addition of new Christmas presents, it's always nice to go through things and see what the kids have grown out of for both toys and clothes.

Resolutions - I'm not great at making resolutions, but this year we all did a resolution wheel to focus on goals for various aspects of our lives.  They will be things I'll try to keep track of throughout the year.

Finances - Dave keeps our finances straight and does a quarterly budget, so he's always excited to start Q1 again.  (That sounds sarcastic, and it is, but I'm grateful this is one of his strengths since I would never do it!).

Summer Plans - Since summer day camps start opening registrations in February and provincial park reservations are on a rolling five month registration period, we need to start planning what we want to do in the summer to coordinate our camping plans with other families.  (We register for skiing in July so we always need to stay ahead.)

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