Wednesday, January 26, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


What we're eating this week...
Sunday - Turkey Dinner (frozen leftovers from Christmas) with fresh mashed potatoes and carrots
Tuesday - Soba Noodles and Tofu with Almond Sauce
Wednesday - Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables
Thursday - Fettucine Alfredo (I've been craving this meal since watching The Holiday when Kate Winslet makes "Christmas Fettucine", but I found a vegan recipe to make instead of the traditional cream based one).
Friday - Order Out
Saturday - French Onion Soup

What I'm reminiscing about...
I can't let a post go by without some mention of Covid, and yesterday marked two years since the first Covid case was declared in Canada.  Two years of all of this and our lives have changed so much, and it's hard to know which ways they won't ever go back to "normal".  

What I'm loving...
The snow!  Sure the roads are still a bit of a mess, but I am happy we have snow. Cold weather is boring unless there is snow.  

What we've been up to...
It's puzzle season over here.  It's such a great way to keep the kids occupied during those "in between times" when they may be wanting to watch TV or something but there isn't enough time.  Q also gets up earlier than the rest of us and goes down to work on the puzzle. 

What I'm working on...
It's that time of year where we need to plan for summer camps.  I have printed out my paper calendars to start filling in our plans.  We have already booked camping for Canada Day weekend!

What I'm excited about...
The Olympics! Canada typically does well at the Winter Olympics and I'm excited to see our Maple Leaf competing.  This is the mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen.

What I'm wearing...
New boots :) I never have any luck buying shoes at Winners or Nordstrom Rack where everything thing is laid out by size on the racks and racks of footwear, but this time I did!  I got these Sorel boots at Nordstrom Rack last week.  They have a great tread for winter but are also somewhat stylish. 

What I'm watching/reading...
We are all in on Yellowstone. We are halfway through Season 4. Next up is Ozark and Succession. I am also watching Queer Eye when eating my lunch, and we are watching the Amazing Race with E. 

I'm reading Taste by Stanley Tucci.

What I'm listening to...
The Encanto and Sing 2 soundtracks.  We love the movies and songs. 

What I'm doing this weekend...
Another winter weekend coming up with skating, skiing, and maybe some sledding.  

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Dare I say it? Jamaica! I am so nervous that Covid will get us before we can board the plane so I am cautiously optimistic.  I'm also looking forward to restaurants re-opening for indoor dining and swimming lessons beginning again.  And Valentine's Day :)

2017 Jamaica

What else is new...
The kids are doing online art classes and have turned out some great work.  
Q's art

E's art

Resolutions Check In
To keep myself accountable I wanted to use this monthly post to check in on my resolutions to see how I'm doing with them.  You can click here to see what I did this year.  I've been good at taking some free time for myself each day and we have spent lots of family time together, I get my one on one time on the ski lifts.  Haven't done any donations or organizing, and I haven't gotten together with any friends this month (blame Covid, will make some plans for next month when restaurants open).

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  1. I LOVE the artwork and I hope Jamaica works out!!!!! I'm excited to watch the Olympics too -- the winter ones are so much better than the summer ones! And one thing I'm sad about is that with my lung stuff, I can't downhill ski for the rest of this season. I was hoping the kids could try it out and it might be a fun way to spend some time -- boo. More skating for us, I guess. Also, I really want to see Encanto -- maybe this weekend...

  2. Great find on the boots and hope your trip goes without any complications next month. The artwork is impressive! Enjoy your day!

  3. I like the boots! I'm also excited about the Olympics.

  4. I hope your trip goes off without a hitch! That vegan fettuccini sounds intriguing.

  5. I love the artwork!! So smart of you to check in on your resolutions with this monthly post. It's easy to forget them as time goes on, but reminding yourself monthly helps keep you accountable.