Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Weekend Recap

 I had a special treat work on Friday, we ordered some oysters from Rodney's Oyster House for a late lunch in the boardroom.  It felt very Mad Men.

When I got home we made our pizzas and enjoyed some wine.  

It was another cold day on Saturday but we went skating anyway.  

A few more people out this week than last week.  Word has spread that the rink is open and it was a bit warmer!

Q got a doughnut delivered to him from our neighbour.  Reasons for the doughnut are unclear to me, but it had something to do with Q doing well on some video game.  He was pumped!

Dave was cleaning the house and the boys needed something to do after lunch so they read their Harry Potter books on the stairs (sort of like being under the stairs like Harry).  

E did his painting class and turned out this beautiful piece.

We thought about going sledding but no one had any energy for that.  Instead we just played some video games, I picked up the grocery order, and we had a lasagna that a friend had made for us and brought over. 

Skiing on Sunday morning!  This was E waiting for his lesson.

It was a beautiful morning and I was much warmer than the week before.  There was fresh snow and we were some of the first people down the trails.

Here come Dave and Q ready for Q's lesson.

Car chalet!

The sun was so warm and made the temperatures manageable.  

We had to take a side road home due to some accidents on the 400 but we got home around 4:30, got everything put away, and watched the rest of Encanto.

Love these winter weekends! 


  1. We're newbie skiers (not much opportunity here in NS, but we're making the most of Martock) and went for the first time on Saturday. It was -21. Brrr. We didn't last long, but it felt good to get a few runs under our belt and looking forward to some warmer days ahead!

    1. Yes, even when we're freezing our butts off I am always still glad we got out for some runs. Martock was the first place I ever skied, high school ski trip! :)