Thursday, January 6, 2022

Christmas Recap Part 2

Check out Part 1 of our Christmas festivities here.

Christmas morning, the boys were dying to get downstairs at about 7:00.

Santa was here!

The boys had put out stockings for Guy and Cuddly Pal, and Guy got some new "eyes" like Mr. Bean's teddy got in the Mr. Bean Christmas special. We didn't actually attach them to Guy but it was cute anyway!

New Star Wars Lego for Q.

And Harry Potter Lego for E

I got a Hush weighed blanket so we were trying it out.

A break for breakfast.  Cheers!

Then it was Lego building time.

And some video games

Getting the turkey ready.

With some helpers for the sides.

I love this meal so much!

And a cherry pie for dessert.

Boxing Day and Mom and Q were back in the kitchen to make muffins.

And we got some fresh air down by the river.

Trying out our new game, Exploding Kittens.

Mom and John left on the 27th with only one hiccup but they arrived home safely.  We went to see the new Spider-Man movie at the theatre and even got to use our gift cards.

We picked up some Tim Horton's on our way home. 

And Q did some colouring in his new book.

The next day we packed up to go skiing again.  At this time the chalet was still open but we still ate our lunch at the car.

Hot drinks for all.

It was busy there and the snow conditions weren't great, although there were a couple of more runs open than the time we were there before.  We still consider it a success just to get some runs in.

When we got home I made a turkey risotto for supper. Looks pretty good compared to Jamie Oliver's cookbook photo.

We did some building with Q's new magnetic tiles.

We walked up to do some errands and stopped in at the fish store - Q wanted a photo in the fish chair.

Dave's parents stopped in on their way home from British Columbia where they spent Christmas with Dave's aunt and sister.

On New Year's Eve I did two back to back rides.  I love the theme rides and did 4 out of the 5 Top 50 Peloton songs.

We ended up with quite the spread for New Year's Eve.

We made a fire in the backyard and invited two neighbour families to join us.

Oysters too!

And a couple of movies for the kids.

We made it up to midnight and fun was had by all.

On New Year's Day we went for a walk in High Park, complete with a stop at Tim Hortons.

Q did not get into fight, he just really enjoyed his hot chocolate and Timbits.

Dave's parents left on the 2nd and we enjoyed the snow that was falling. 

And our neighbours invited us for dinner - Chinese Hot Pot.  It was a real treat!

I like how it's a free for all, unlike fondue where you're supposed to keep track of your stick.  We just threw everything in and scooped it out when it was ready. 

Ice cream for dessert. 

And a cello lesson for Q.

On our last day of "holiday" we got the tree down, tidied up the house, and played Mario Kart.  Now back to reality :)

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  1. If we ever meet in real life you will have to teach me how to eat oysters. I've never had them and am a little intimidated by them. But I love most seafood so I want to try them. Also, I'd get a photo in the fish chair every time! I love it!!!