Friday, March 4, 2022

Friday Favourites

We are still praying for the people of Ukraine.  I'm writing this on Thursday night and the main nuclear power plant is on fire so when you're reading this, we will know more about that situation, but it is scary times.  Slava Ukraini!

Q says thumbs up to the weekend.  

Last weekend E participated in some ski racing and ended up second in his age/gender group.  It was so windy they did well to make it down the hill with the wind in their face.  We are considering the actual race squad for next year with a greater time commitment and travel to other hills.  Has anyone done that who can offer feedback?

His friend B got a silver in his age group too!

On Tuesday our neighbours' kids joined us for supper and coincidentally it was Pancake Tuesday so that was great fun.  Dave made stacks of pancakes, some with chocolate chips and some with blueberries. 

We bought some great Turkish towels and took them with us on our trip.  Even though resorts provide towels, I always think it's a good idea to bring a couple of your own.  Then you can save your beach chairs with your own towels before the towel hut opens, or keep them with you when you go back to your room when you have to return the resort towels.  These Turkish towels fold up nice small and dry quickly so they are easy to pack in your suitcase.  And they have such pretty patterns, I may have to get more!

If you love vacation posts, check out our trip to Jamaica (Part 1Part 2, and Review of Resort).  (And now I'll stop talking about our trip!)

We are heading to Quebec for a skiing trip for March Break.  We are staying in the Eastern Townships area, south of Montreal.  There are a few ski hills there and we are closest to Mont Bromont.  If anyone has been there before and has any tips for us, let me know.  There seems to be a number of good restaurants and shops as well to buy food and take back to our chalet. 

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  1. Can't wait to click over and read ALL about your trip! I could use some warm sunny pictures. :)