Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Jamaica Trip Recap Part 1

I'm breaking this post into two.  Even though most days followed pretty much the same script, there are too many photos for one post.  Yesterday I posted about our resort and you can see my thoughts on that here.

We left home on Tuesday, February 14.  Check in and security was uneventful.  We got some breakfast and then went to our gate.  Photos all around. 

On the plane.  We selected seats two and two and the third seat in each of our rows was empty so we had a bit of space to stretch out. 

Snack pack for Q.

After standing in a few lines when we arrived in Montego Bay, we got on the bus and got our first ice cold Red Stripe.  

And I got a Coke for the kids.  I also learned a tip of where you can get fresh patties at the airport for the bus ride so I'll get those the next time. 

Checking in and exploring.

We got settled in our room, met up with our friends, had dinner and then walked around the resort to explore.

And got an ice cream of course.

And did some bowling.

On our first full day we had breakfast at the buffet and then set up by the kids pool. 

Checking out the lazy river where we also got our first cocktail from the bar there.

First taste of jerk chicken.

In the afternoon we moved over to the main pool.

On Thursday Dave and Vic went golfing at Cinnamon Hill.

Meanwhile back at the pool...

The restaurant we wanted to eat at was closed that night so we just went to the buffet, but that worked out well. 

Then we went over to the bowling alley.  The kids had their own alley with the bumpers up and the adults had our own alley.

I won :)

Then we went back to our room and got into the rooftop hot tub.

Good Friday morning!

We wandered down to the beach for a bit. 

Lunch in the cabana.

And Q passed out by the pool later.

Dressed up for dinner at the teppanyaki restaurants.

This was a fun and tasty meal.

We left the kids at the Teen Club for a bit while we had a drink at the Sports Bar and played some ping pong.

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the trip.


  1. Looks like fun so far!!! And I'm here for all the warmth right now!

  2. This looks so amazing. I would love to travel with friends like that!

  3. Haha yes you totally dominated at bowling!! We had a great time traveling with you guys!

  4. OH wow; those pools look amazing!! So glad everything worked out and you were able to go on your trip.