Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


What we're eating this week...

Sunday - Turkey Pot Pie, Salad
Monday - Lasagna, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread
Tuesday - Earthy Andy's shawarma bowls (but with chicken)
Wednesday - Raptors Game
Thursday - I'm going out to a work party but I believe my family is going to eat pizza
Friday - BBQ
Saturday - Out

What I'm loving...
I've taken my mask off (except for the subway where it is still required) and the kids have stopped wearing their masks at school.  I know that many people are still wearing them and that they are still recommended (if not even encouraged), but I'm just done with it.  It feels strange but freeing and I like that I don't have to fuss with a mask for everyone when we want to go somewhere.  I felt like the places where the risks were higher we were already taking our masks off (like at restaurants or at sporting events) so it didn't make sense to do that, but then leave it on where the risk was lower (like being at a store for brief periods of time and being  fairly distanced from people). The piece of advice I heard about assessing whether you wanted to keep wearing your mask was this: Consider what you're waiting for before you remove it, is it for everyone in your house to be vaccinated, is it to reduce risk of infection before a trip, is it for cases to reach a certain level (although that's hard to measure now), and if you can't think of the reason, then maybe it's time.  Or maybe you just want to keep it on, then fine, do whatever you want.

What we've been up to...
We did one last day of skiing on Sunday and then bought our passes for next year at Mount St. Louis-Moonstone.  Snow Valley has been good to us since we started going about 7 years ago but we finally thought it was time for something different.  So we have been doing a lot of talking about skiing with other families. We are also discussing the ski racing program for E and what lessons Q will do.  Hopefully we don't need to talk about skiing again until September!

What I'm dreading...
I can feel like reading glasses are in my near future. I have definitely noticed having trouble reading somethings that I didn't notice before.  I'll make an appointment sometime soon and will see what they say. I've been wearing contacts since Grade 11 but only wear my glasses occasionally so I really don't want to have to mess with reading glasses, or (gasp!) bifocals. 

What I'm working on...

Speaking of eye appointments, I've been working on getting various health checks done.  My doctor likes her patients to do a baseline mammogram at 40 so I did that last week.  I also have a family history of colon cancer so I need to do a colonoscopy, and I want to get a skin check done too. This is 40 :)

What I'm excited about...
I got a new iPhone, the 13, so I am excited about the camera and the improved photos I'll be able to take. 

What I'm wearing...
I got this new pair of shoes the other day.  My work shoes were in a sorry state so I got this pair and a plain black pair of heels. I just leave most of my shoes at the office.

What I'm watching/reading...

I am watching Cheer and This is Us.  Dave and I just finished Inventing Anna, and now onto Ozark,  and Drive to Survive. 

I'm reading Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh.

What I'm listening to...

I usually make my own playlist of my current favourite songs and I just started my 2022 one.  They aren't necessarily songs from 2022 but it helps to keep them all in one place so I don't have to keep searching for them and I know I like all of the songs.  Some new additions  Good Day by Nappy Roots and Big Energy by Latto.

What I'm doing this weekend...

We are hosting family for a BBQ on Friday, Q has skating lessons and a birthday party, and getting our taxes done!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Easter, plans with friends, warmer weather, maybe starting to bike to work

What else is new...

Q's toenail finally fell off, gross, I know.  As you may recall, he dropped a bowling ball on his foot on our last night in Jamaica.  We did have a doctor check it out when we got back to Toronto, and she drained the blood from it, but didn't do an x-ray so we can't be absolutely positive it was broken, although that was the doctor's assessment.  That toenail has been hanging on but it's gone now.  I hate this stuff, it turns my stomach, so you're welcome, hah!

Resolutions Check In
I've been doing better at making plans with friends and tidying up some areas of the house.  Family Cleaning Night hasn't really taken off, my fault, and I haven't done any donating, so two things to focus on this month.

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  1. Talk to your optometrist about "monovision." That's what I'm doing right now. One contact is a reading contact and one is a distance and somehow my brain makes it work. It took a bit to get used to but I've been wearing them for a month now and it's great. No reading glasses required :)

    As for masks, I'm still wearing them at work (which is in a school). And they're still required many places we go -- church, theatres, etc. I'm okay to get rid of them, but since someone in my office came down with Covid yesterday, I'm also okay to still keep wearing them for a bit yet...

  2. Sounds like such a delicious week! Congrats on the new phone; I am rarely excited about getting a new one because I hate having to re-learn where everything is. But the new cameras are wonderful. We don't wear masks at all either other than in medical/doctor's offices where they are still required.

  3. I love that you do monthly check ins for your resolutions. It's a smart way to stay on top of them and make sure you're keeping up with them!