Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Weekend Recap

Just a short recap of our weekend, I didn't remember to take many photos.  

We had some friends over for pizza night on Friday.  

E went to a paintball birthday party on Saturday morning.  Paintball is not my cup of tea but he seemed to have fun. 

After I did some grocery shopping and E got home, we all went for a walk to see the ice that had come up on the bank. 

This is our normal walking path.

We got a baby-sitter that night and Dave and I went out to visit some friends at their newly renovated house.  It was great to be (inside!) visiting people and catching up. 

Our last day of ski lessons was on Sunday.  It was already 12 degrees in the morning when we started.  It led to some slushy skiing but was mostly fine.  It was nice not be freezing for once!

Q finished his year by getting most of the checkmarks for Level 5, except for being able to use the lift unassisted.  Great work Q!

First run of the morning.

A successful season of ski lessons. 

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