Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Weekend Recap

 A busy weekend meant I didn't actually take many photos.  

First up on Saturday morning I did a Reba McIntyre Peloton ride which was great fun, name a bad Reba song, you can't!  Then I got ready for the day and took Q to his first skating lesson.  He did a great job skating on the local outdoor rink this winter but this is a good opportunity to actually learn how to skate.  While he skated, I got to visit with my friend whose daughter was also skating. 

I went out to get groceries after that while Dave cleaned the house.  Then we went to a birthday party for one of Q's classmates.  It was great to see the kids playing together and to visit with the parents. Meanwhile E stayed with Dave's parents and they went for a walk. 

When we got home we met up with Dave's cousin and her husband at a pub. They are moving away so this was a little get together with their friends.  
The pub had Golden Tee so the kids played a few rounds.

Adam was wearing a tie so E decided to wear one too! Snazzy!

On Sunday we went skiing!  It was the last day of operations for Mount St. Louis-Moonstone so we decided to check it out since we were thinking of switching ski hills for next year.  Even though the calendar says end of March, the weather was proper winter ski conditions.  We met some friends there and did most of the runs.   

They have a ski/snowboard cross racecourse so the kids (and dads) did that a bunch of times.  

The course.

Q and I took a break in the car for some hot chocolate. 

Tired out.  So we grabbed a Beavertail and then hit the road. 

We watched the F1 race when we got home and happy to see Max with a win (and Haas with points!). Then I watched the Oscars. Here are my thoughts on that:

I loved CODA so I was very excited it won instead of The Power of the Dog which I did see and hated.  I loved seeing everyone doing the deaf applause.  
I love Lady Gaga. 
I love Andrew Garfield and wish he could have won but I was happy to see him onscreen a few times. 
I loved the White Men Can't Jump reunion. 
I love Questlove.  I saw his documentary and it's amazing. 
I loved Amy Schumer, I laughed at all of her jokes.

I did not love that Will Smith hit Chris Rock.  I did not love the joke and appreciate that Will wanted to stand up for his wife, but hitting was not the way to do that.   That said, it did lead to more Denzel coverage and I do love him (and Tyler Perry).
I did not love Regina Hall's bit about having to redo Covid testing for certain attractive men.
I did not love the performance of We Don't Talk About Bruno, it started out so well but it didn't do it for me. I love Megan Thee Stallion but that was not the place for her.  

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  1. It sounds like such a fun weekend! Though I am not loving our reliving of winter weather right now.