Monday, March 7, 2022

Little Things

As we continue to watch the devastation in Ukraine and people fleeing their homes, I was extra conscious of those little things in our life that we really do not want to take for granted.  

Overhearing your kids play together, nicely, using their imaginations, and hearing the little sayings they come up with. 

The licence plate game.  I drove E to a birthday party this weekend with two other friends and they started looking for the alphabet on licence plates. 

Running into a friend unexpectedly.  A friend crossed in front of me when I was driving the other day and she stopped to chat with me for a few minutes (and there was no one behind me so I could stay at the stop sign for a few minutes).

Getting a beer with your spouse at a bar.  We popped into our local pub on our way to a friends' place on Saturday night. 

Working on a puzzle. We love a puzzle at our house and it's a good time filler between breakfast and school, and between supper and bedtime. 

Warm sunshine.  Even though it made the snow a little slushy for skiing, it was still so nice to have warm sun and not be absolutely freezing for once. 

Chirping birds.  Spring is on its way and there is nothing I like more than hearing the birds in our yard.

1 comment:

  1. I love that you are seeing the beauty in everyday things. I feel so helpless watching the destruction in the Ukraine and not being able to do much to help. Soaking up the beauty of everyday life seems like a good way to shift the focus while still being mindful of what is happening abroad.